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Doom 3
Dripping with atmosphere and changing the look of 3D games forever, DOOM 3 features realistic physics, 6-channel surround-sound, and real-time dynamic lighting and shadows that create an environment of ever-changing fear and uncertainty.

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Access the console during the game by pressing: Control + Alt + ~
Cheat Code: give pda delta2b_erikson

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Doom 3 Downloads

1. DOOM 3 - DM_NoRegret
This is a little death match map for DOOM 3 that supports up to 4 players
1.9 MB
Download - More Info

2. DOOM 3 - Viavga DM1 Map
This is a Via Technologies sponsored map for DOOM 3 with a designed focused on fun game play. Many traps and tricks makes this map enjoy...
2.9 MB
Download - More Info

3. DOOM 3 - v1.05 Beta Patch
Check out this beta patch for DOOM 3 fixing many things involving interface, stability, rendering and much more. This is a beta patch ...
17.3 MB
Download - More Info

4. DOOM 3 - Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3
This is a standalone version of the classic arcade game that's found in Doom 3. Note: Press C to put a coin in, Press Ctrl to pu...
1.5 MB
Download - More Info

5. DOOM 3 - Music Video Compilation
A DOOM 3 Music Video Compilation. Same as the low res movie, but 640x480, mpeg-1, and has different text for the intro (thanks to the P...
28.2 MB
Download - More Info

6. DOOM 3 - Wicked Warehouse
This is a deathmatch map for DOOM 3 with 8 spawn points entitled KKDM1 or Wicked Warehouse.
555.8 KB
Download - More Info

7. DOOM 3 - MM1 Map
This is the first map of the author for DOOM 3 for practice containing an outdoor base like Hadley's Hope.
2.4 MB
Download - More Info

8. DOOM 3 - DOOM 2 Modification
This is a single player beta for DOOM3 that includes two original maps from DOOM 2, "Entryway" and "Underhalls".
1.2 MB
Download - More Info

9. DOOM 3 - DVS Pistol Sound Upgrade
This modification for DOOM 3 basically upgrades the player’s pistol sound to something much more devastating.
589.5 KB
Download - More Info

10. DOOM 3 - RSTDM2: Redux
This is a small fast paced DOOM 3 death match map suited for 2-4 players.
2 MB
Download - More Info

11. DOOM 3 - Stonw@ll Lights
This DOOM 3 modification adds Flashlight (LED-Torch) to Pistol, Shotgun, Machinegun, Plasmagun, Chaingun and BFG. Flashlight is squared...
63.3 KB
Download - More Info

12. DOOM 3 - Poly Modifier v0.1 Beta
This modification for DOOM 3 applies smoothing to the models, giving it a smooth look. This mod is for all of the people who hated tho...
372.6 KB
Download - More Info

13. DOOM 3 - Waste My Hate Map
This Map take Place in a Castle Style Area that was somehow teleported to Hell, some UAC Soldiers were also teleported with it, but the...
2.2 MB
Download - More Info

14. DOOM 3 - Quake3Arena Map
This is a DOOM 3 deathmatch map that is a conversion of Arena Gate from Quake3Arena.
8.6 MB
Download - More Info

15. DOOM 3 - Enh@nced Doom Mod
This is a small DOOM 3 modification made for personal use that got out of control. This includes many different things to make the sin...
4.4 MB
Download - More Info

16. DOOM 3 - Kasey's Skins Pack [NPCs]
This is for those who prefer a little color added to the NPC's. Examples would include Swann and Betruger.
7.8 MB
Download - More Info

17. DOOM 3 - Kasey's Skins Pack [Monsters Only]
This is a skin package for DOOM 3 that includes only the monsters skins and not the human NPCs.
23.6 MB
Download - More Info

18. DOOM 3 - Classic CyberDemon Mod
This modification for DOOM 3 restores the cyberdemon to act more like the original one from DOOM 1 and 2. This means it has higher heal...
5.4 KB
Download - More Info

19. DOOM 3 - Explosion Video
This is a short movie just under 2 minutes showing a bunch of guys blowing up in DOOM 3.
23.5 MB
Download - More Info

20. DOOM 3 - The Shaft
This is a map for DOOM 3, the first one created by the author. Stuff is hidden everywhere, so keep looking!
318.4 KB
Download - More Info

21. DOOM 3 - Allied Marine Squadmates v.31A
This is a modification for DOOM 3 that allows you to spawn allied Marines to help you with your hellish fight. You can spawn in sentry...
46.6 KB
Download - More Info

22. DOOM 3 - No Attack Mod v0.1
This mod is an alternative to the mostly non-working "notarget" command and disables the attacks of MOST monsters in Doom 3 without int...
107.6 KB
Download - More Info

23. DOOM 3 - Q3-Like Multiplayer Map
This is a Quake 3 like multiplayer map for DOOM 3 good for Team Deathmatch, 1vs1 or Free for all.
1.9 MB
Download - More Info

24. DOOM 3 - Mycelo's Weapon Enhancement Mod
This is a modification for DOOM 3 that provides better weapon light effects, interruptible reloading, improved enemy kickback, powerful...
1.5 MB
Download - More Info

25. DOOM 3 - PK4Scape
PK4Scape is tool designed to be used with Doom3 Data Files(.PK4), it allows to open, modify, create and apply compression to all (.PK4)...
419.3 KB
Download - More Info

26. DOOM 3 - D3DM_Litt - Actually Lit
This is a DOOM 3 multiplayer map that is actually Lit! This map only runs on unpure servers.
958.5 KB
Download - More Info

27. DOOM II - Done Quick Movie [Nightmare]
If you are familiar with QdQ's pervious DOOM II Done Quick Movie, you'll be amazed with this one. Witness the whole game done in Night...
270.5 MB
Download - More Info

28. DOOM 3 - PK4 Recompression v0.1
This recompresses the pk4 files to different compression factors, this should take much less time to load data and levels at the expens...
41.8 KB
Download - More Info

29. DOOM 3 - Church of Ruins Map
A small church is over run by demons on mars and it is your mission to destroy them to protect earth. There are a couple of hidden room...
2 MB
Download - More Info

30. DOOM 3 - ExpSpice v0.5
This is an interesting mod that tries to keep the essence of DOOM while improving many different things. Bindable flares, more gore, pe...
1.1 MB
Download - More Info

31. Mesh Does DOOM 3 Video Pack #1
Mesh is freaked out by scary games and won't play them alone. So I invited him over to play DOOM 3, this video shows what happened.
77.3 MB
Download - More Info

32. DOOM 3 - EXtremus v0.01
This modification for DOOM 3 offers tweaked gameplay and a more engrossing experience, rebalanced weapons, new sounds, new AI and tweak...
1.4 MB
Download - More Info

33. DOOM 3 - Cam's Gameplay Mod v2.6
This Mod fixes many things on the weapons, enables player shadows, the nightmare mode and lets you toggle 3rd person view!
30.7 KB
Download - More Info

34. DOOM 3 - Falken's Light Mod v1.0
Falken's Light Mod adds lights to all weapons, including the rocket launcher! It also makes the flashlight more useable and gives a nic...
381.6 KB
Download - More Info

35. DOOM 3 - Trite Breeding Facility Map
The Trite have taken over a UAC cloning facility and have turned the labs into a nesting and breeding area. This should mark the first ...
19.8 MB
Download - More Info

36. DOOM 3 - Temple Maze Map
This map for DOOM 3 is a cool scary maze you go through, its full of monsters and things that lurk in the dark, watch your back and che...
309.4 KB
Download - More Info

37. DOOM 3 - Multiplayer Map Tutorial v1
This is a tutorial to teach you how to make your map work on Multiplayer, its not that long and its easy. This would get your map up an...
4.9 KB
Download - More Info

38. DOOM 3 - Plasma Gun Radar v1.0
This mod adds a radar to the ammo readout on the plasma gun in DOOM 3. The radar detects up to 10 creatures at once in the area in fro...
22.9 KB
Download - More Info

39. DOOM 3 - Substation 3 Map
This is a singleplayer map for Doom 3. Basic storyline: a scientist is lost in a hell infested substation; kill baddies, find scientis...
1.4 MB
Download - More Info

40. DOOM 3 - Scary Realism Mod v1.3
This modification for DOOM 3 includes many weapon tweaks and other different alterations all included below in more information.
42.5 KB
Download - More Info

41. DOOM 3 - Performance Tweak Guide
This is a guide created to improve the performance and quality of DOOM 3.
3.7 KB
Download - More Info

42. DOOM 3 - CougarMod v 1.0
This is an extensive weapon balancing and customization mod for DOOM 3. It includes changes to weapon damage and behavior, ammo capaci...
1 MB
Download - More Info

43. DOOM 3 - Demonic Powers Mod v1.0
This modification for DOOM 3 allows you to gain some of the powers wielded by the demons of the game including Revenant rockets, Imp fi...
20.3 KB
Download - More Info

44. DOOM 3 - Blastphemy Map
This map for DOOM 3 has a middle room with large towers and a complex of hallways on the outer-rim of the map. Chainsaw included.
175.9 KB
Download - More Info

45. DOOM 3 - Cold Breath v0.3
This DOOM 3 modification adds particles changes throughout the entire game, decals and modifies a few other things all listed below.
3.2 MB
Download - More Info

46. DOOM 3 - UAC Redux Beta v1
This is a modification for DOOM 3 that includes 3 new weapons and alterations to many of the other ones. It also includes new content,...
234.7 KB
Download - More Info

47. DOOM 3 - Third-Person Mod v0.1
This mod is intended to make third-person view play viable in DOOM 3. The initial version (v0.1) adds crosshairs which can be viewed wh...
159.1 KB
Download - More Info

48. DOOM 3 - Game Documents
This is a collection of documents for DOOM 3 thats good for offline players, it includes sites like and
929.4 KB
Download - More Info

49. DOOM 3 - Stack Level from Goldeneye 64
This is a rendition of stack from Goldeneye 64 for DOOM 3, a well balanced multiplayer map.
3 MB
Download - More Info

50. DOOM 3 - BOOM! Mod v3
This mod changes many things in DOOM 3 including homemade particles, blood, decals, and more. Read below for all the details.
3.1 MB
Download - More Info

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Science has unlocked the gates to the unknown, and now only one man stands between Hell and Earth. A sci-fi horror masterpiece, DOOM 3 is like nothing you have experienced. Dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action, incredible graphics, and revolutionary technology combine to draw you into the most frightening and gripping first person gaming experience ever created. Having troubles getting through the game? Well that's what cheats, hacks, mods, free downloads and walkthroughs are for! GameRaid.US has:

Fight your way to Hell and back in Doom3 with these demo download, maps or demo download in this epic clash against pure evil. editors, editors and demo download draws you deeper into the most frightening and gripping 3D gaming experience ever created. A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the UAC's Mars Research Facility leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you must struggle with shock, fear, and an all-out assault on your senses as you fight your way to Hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil.



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