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Diablo II Lord of Destruction Rune List
Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction Runes are small stones inscribed with magical glyphs that can be inserted into Socketed Items. Runes are different from other Insertable Items: not only do individual Runes have set magical properties, certain combinations (or Rune Words), when inserted into an item in the proper order, give that item even more wondrous abilities.

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El+50 To Attack Rating, +1 Light Radius+15 Defense, +1 To Light Radius11
Eld175% Damage To Undead, +50 Attack Rating Against Undead15% Slower Stamina Drain/Increased Chance of Blocking(Shields)11
Tir+2 To Mana After Each Kill+2 To Mana After Each Kill13
NefKnockback+30 Defense Vs. Missile13
Eth-25% Target DefenseRegenerate Mana 15%15
Ith+9 To Maximum Damage15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana15
Tal+20 Poison Damage Over 1 SecondsPoison Resist 30%/Poison Resist 35%(Shields)17
RalAdds 5-30 Fire DamageFire Resist 30%/Fire Resist 35%(Shields)19
OrtAdds 1-50 Lightning DamageLightning Resist 30%/Lightning Resist 35%(Shields)21
ThulAdds 3-14 Cold DamageCold Resist 30%/Cold Resist 35%(Shields)23
Amn7% Life Stolen Per HitAttacker Takes Damage of 1425
Sol+9 To Minimum DamageDamage Reduced By 727
Shae20% Increased Attack Speed20% Faster Hit Recovery/20% Faster Block Rate(Shields)29
DolHit Causes Monster To Flee 25%Replenish Life +731
HelRequirements -20%Requirements -15%N/A
Po+10 To Vitality+10 To Vitality35
Lum+10 To Energy+10 To Energy37
Ko+10 To Dexterity+10 To Dexterity39
Fal+10 To Strength+10 To Strength41
Lem75% Extra Gold From Monsters50% Extra Gold From Monsters43
Pul175% Damage To Demons, +100 Attack Rating Against Demons+30% Enhanced Defense45
Um25% Chance of Open WoundsAll Resistances +15(Armor/Helms) +22(Shields)47
MalPrevent Monster HealMagic Damage Reduced By 749
Ist30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items51
Gul20% Bonus To Attack Rating5% To Maximum Poison Resist53
Vex7% Mana Stolen Per Hit5% To Maximum Fire Resist55
Ohm+50% Enhanced Damage5% To Maximum Cold Resist57
Lo20% Deadly Strike5% To Maximum Lightning Resist59
SurHit Blinds TargetMaximum Mana 5%/+50 To Mana (Shields)61
Ber20% Chance of Crushing BlowDamage Reduced by 8%63
JoFreeze TargetIncrease Maximum Life 5%/+50 Life (Shields)65
ChamIgnore Target's DefenseCannot Be Frozen67



Diablo II Lord of Destruction Rune Words List









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