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Diablo 2 Gems List

Diablo II Gems
Precious gems embody innate magical abilities. When set into a socketed item these gems can add powerful magic effects. Higher grades of gems have stronger effects. There are five grades of gems: chipped, flawed, standard, flawless, and perfect. Once inserted, gems cannot be removed from a socket. Touching a gem shrine either produces a gem or upgrades one gem (randomly chosen from your character's inventory) to the next higher grade. The skulls of some demonic creatures, inscribed with eldritch symbols, are said to work much like gems.

Upgrading Gems
You can upgrade gems by using a Gem Shrine or by using the Horadric Cube. You can use the Horadric Cube to convert gems into higher quality gems. Place 3 Gems of one type into the Horadric Cube and hit the Transmute button.

Gem Effects Stackable
If you place 3 Gems of the same type in a sword you will receive the bonus of all three. Keep in mind that Gems give a random statistic within a range when socketed so three gems of the same type and quality will not create the same amount of damage every time depending on the gem.

The first Gem that is placed will determine the color of the weapon. If there are several different types of Gems in a sword, it will randomly display an attack based on those types of Gems in the sword. So one swing will show cold damage, while the next shows poison attack but all of them are working at the same time.

Socketed Items
Smiths of ancient times mastered the art of bestowing magical properties upon weapons and armor by setting them with powerful gems. Most surviving examples of this art have long since been stripped of their valuable stones by ignorant thieves, rendering their true power silent until new gems are found and set into their empty sockets. The exact nature of the enchantment depends on the type and quality of the gemstones inserted into the item, as well as the item type
Socketed items are easy to identify as their names appear in gray text when highlighted. While in your inventory, you may insert a gem into a Socketed item by left-clicking on the gem to pick it up, and left-clicking over the Socketed item to fuse the gem and the item together. You cannot place a gem in a weapon, helm or shield unless you first remove it and place it in your inventory. Once fused, you will not be able to remove the gem from the item.
Socketed Weapons and Armor allow you to customize your armor and weapons giving it added magical properties such as enhanced statistics, resistances to attacks and more.
Only Helms, Shields, and Weapons can be socketed. Not all weapon types can be socketed. Necromancer Wands and Throwing Weapons cannot be socketed. The max number of Sockets a Socketed Item will have is 3. Each weapon type always has the same amount of sockets, so a Dagger will always have 1 socket if it is Socketed.

Weapon: Adds mana and life steal to attack
Shield: Adds attacker takes damage
Helm: Adds mana and life regeneration

 Gem TypeWeaponShieldHelm
Chipped Skull
Steals 2% life, 1% manaAttacker Takes 2 DamageReplenish Life +2, Regenerate Mana 8%
Flawed Skull
Steals 2% life, 2% manaAttacker Takes 3 DamageReplenish Life +3, Regenerate Mana 8%
Steals 3% life, 2% manaAttacker Takes 4 DamageReplenish Life +3, Regenerate Mana 12%
Flawless Skull
Steals 3% life, 3% manaAttacker Takes 5 DamageReplenish Life +4, Regenerate Mana 12%
Perfect Skull
Steals 4% life, 3% manaAttacker Takes 6/7 DamageReplenish Life +4-5, Regenerate Mana 16-20%

Weapon: Adds to Attack Rating
Shield: Adds to Defense
Helm: Adds to Strength

 Gem TypeWeaponShieldHelm
Chipped Amethyst
+15-19 to Attack Rating+5/6 to Defense+3 to Strength
Flawed Amethyst
+20-29 to Attack Rating+7/8 to Defense+4 to Strength
+30-39 to Attack Rating+9/10 to Defense+5/6 to Strength
Flawless Amethyst
+40-49 to Attack Rating+11-13 to Defense+7/8 to Strength
Perfect Amethyst
+50-60 to Attack Rating+15-17 to Defense+9/10 to Strength

Weapon: Adds Cold Damage
Shield: Adds Resistance to Cold
Helm: Adds Maximum Mana

 Gem TypeWeaponShieldHelm
Chipped Sapphire
1-3 Cold Damage10-12% Resist Cold+6-8 Max Mana
Flawed Sapphire
2-3 Cold Damage13-16% Resist Cold+9-11 Max Mana
2-4 Cold Damage17-20% Resist Cold+12-15 Max Mana
Flawless Sapphire
3-5 Cold Damage21-25% Resist Cold+16-20 Max Mana
Perfect Sapphire
3-(6/7) Cold Damage26-30% Resist Cold+21-25 Max Mana

Weapon: Adds Poison Damage
Shield: Adds to Resistance to Poison
Helm: Adds to Dexterity

 Gem TypeWeaponShieldHelm
Chipped Emerald
+2 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds10-12% Resist Poison+3 to Dexterity
Flawed Emerald
+3 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds13-16% Resist Poison+4 to Dexterity
+4 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds17-20% Resist Poison+5/6 to Dexterity
Flawless Emerald
+4 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds21-25% Resist Poison+7/8 to Dexterity
Perfect Emerald
+5 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds26-30% Resist Poison+9/10 to Dexterity

Weapon: Adds Fire Damage
Shield: Adds Resistance to Fire
Helm: Adds to Maximum Life

 Gem TypeWeaponShieldHelm
Chipped Ruby
3-4 Fire Damage10-12% Resist Fire+6-8 to Max Hit Points
Flawed Ruby
3-5 Fire Damage13-16% Resist Fire+9-11 to Max Hit Points
4-5 Fire Damage17-20% Resist Fire+12-15 to Max Hit Points
Flawless Ruby
5-6 Fire Damage21-25% Resist Fire+16-20 to Max Hit Points
Perfect Ruby
6-(7/8/9/10) Fire Damage26-30% Resist Fire+21-25 to Max Hit Points

Weapon: Adds to Damage vs Undead
Shield: Adds to al Resistances
Helm: Adds to Attack Rating

 Gem TypeWeaponShieldHelm
Chipped Diamond
125-129% Damage vs Undead5/6% Resist All+10 to attack Rating
Flawed Diamond
130-135% Damage vs Undead7/8% Resist All+15 to attack Rating
136-145% Damage vs Undead9-11% (each) Resist All+20 to attack Rating
Flawless Diamond
146-155% Damage vs Undead12-15% (each) Resist All+25 to attack Rating
Perfect Diamond
156-170% Damage vs Undead16-20% (each) Resist All+30 to attack Rating

Weapon: Adds Lightning Damage
Shield: Adds to Resistance to Lightning
Helm: Adds to Light Radius

 Gem TypeWeaponShieldHelm
Chipped Topaz
1-6 Lightning Damage10-12% Resist Lightning+7-9% Chance to Find Magic Items
Flawed Topaz
1-7 Lightning Damage13-16% Resist Lightning+11-13% Chance to Find Magic Items
1-8 Lightning Damage17-20% Resist Lightning+14-17% Chance to Find Magic Items
Flawless Topaz
1-10 Lightning Damage21-25% Resist Lightning+18-20% Chance to Find Magic Items
Perfect Topaz
1-(12/13/14/15) Lightning Damage26-30% Resist Lightning+21-25% Chance to Find Magic Items


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